Private Studio Parties . . .

Closed Studio Birthday Parties!
Worried that you wont have enough space for everyone at your house? Want to invite all the family or have parents stay for the party rather than drop off? Don't feel like cleaning up after the party? Don't Worry!!!! Our studio can seat up to 50 people, AND we do all the cleaning! What a deal!

For two hours the studio is all yours!

Let's Get this Party STARTED!

What does it include?
A closed studio birthday party includes one to two staff members to work your party,
the use of all materials, glazing and firing of all pieces, and the use of our whole studio
for 2 hours!

Your finished items will be individually wrapped and labeled for convenient pick up in approximately one week.

What can I bring?
Normally, we will seat all the painters on the main side of the studio, while all of the
food is set up on the other side of the studio. This set up allows a whole area for food,
drinks and parents. You can bring any type of food that you would like, and the same
goes with drinks!

**Some people have brought a chocolate fountain!**

How long is it?
Each party is set for 2 hours. If you would like, or think you need more than that, just let us
know. Time over 2 hours is pro-rated.

What is the cost?
From January to November, closed studios are priced at $150 an hour (for two hours) plus a minimum $18 ceramic item per painter.

In the months of November and December, the cost of the closed studio parties are $250
an hour (for two hours) plus a minimum $18 ceramic item per painter.

A 15% gratuity will be added to your total for those working your party.

There is no maximum to how many pieces can be painted, however there has to be at least
20 pieces painted to have a closed studio birthday party.

A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required and will be applied to your total party bill
upon settlement.

What are commemorative Birthday plates?
We offer two types of commemorative birthday plates:

1) A basic plate for everyone to sign and put their own small painting on. This is a basic
plate off of our shelf that will be added to the bill as another piece. Prices of plates range
from $11-21, but you can choose any piece.

2) A commissioned, personalized birthday plate. This plate will be designed with the
favorite colors of the guest of honor. This plate could be anything from a basic "Happy
birthday" design in the middle, to a specially designed plate with his/her favorite cartoon.
We have also done plates to match the theme of the party. Like the first option, this can
be done on almost any piece (not a figurine). With this option, the host has the option to
have the guests sign the plate, or the names be written on the piece by our staff members.

Book it ahead!
Closed studios must be booked with at least 2 weeks notice. This way we have proper time to
inform the public to our hour changes.


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