Just For Kids . . .

We have so much to offer...
Every age is special. An adult can't paint like a 3 year old. It's a wonderful thing that NEEDS to be captured. Why not do it in something that will last a lifetime!?

There is no better feeling then to see a child's face when they see their ceramic piece transform after being fired. A smile grows from ear to ear and they flip out because their piece actually changed after they left it behind to be fired. We've seen some kids dance with their princesses, hug their dog banks, and kiss their dolphins. It's adorable!

Drop in to Paint!
Our Pricing is quite simple:
Kids paint for just $8, plus the price of the piece! This covers ALL DAY! Come after lunch, or even
better, bring lunch! If you have to leave, but you haven't finished painting, not a problem! We will
wrap up your ceramic piece and you can come back any other day for just a $5 return fee!

Our ceramic figurine pieces range in prices depending on size, type, and manufacturer. Most pieces
range between $16 - $35.

Sign up for Summer Camp!
We offer daily camps held on Tuesdays from 1PM-3PM.

For more information about our summer camp, click on the "Summer Workshops" button at the top of the screen!

Earn a Scouts Badge!
Scouts can earn a Color Me Mine patch! Scouts will work with clay while get education on painting,
firing & glazing pottery, and get a kiln room tour!

For more information about our scouts program, click on the "scouts" button at the top of the screen!

Have a Birthday Party!
Rated as one of Parent Magazine's top 10 places to have a party! Enjoy your very own birthday with a group of 8 ñ 50! All Parties Include the glazing and firing of each piece, a designated staff member that will facilitate your party, an hour and a half time slot, and your finished items will be individually wrapped and labeled for convenient pick up in approximately one week.

For more information about our party options, click on the "parties" button at the top of the screen!


Studio Address & Phone:
Color Me Mine
602 Santa Cruz Ave.
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650-328-4486 Phone
Studio Hours:
Sunday 11 - 7
Monday 11 - 7
Tuesday 11 -7
Wednesday 11 - 9
Thursday 11 - 9
Friday 11 - 9
Saturday 11 - 9
** Make sure to check out our Monthly Events page for closed studios and hour changes ** Last pickup and seating is an hour before closing to ensure that you have an enjoyable painting experience. If running closer to closing, call before, to ensure that a staff member is available. We may be subject to close an hour early if no one is in the studio.
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